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Providing corporate finance advice on international M&A transactions and a range of strategic initiatives involving Japanese companies

M&A with Japan


As an M&A or business development principal at an international company, you have to be opportunistic and systematic at the same time, grabbing opportunities whenever they arise while methodically working out a way to reach your targets within the given time.

From experience you know that identifying acquisition targets in Japan can be an arduous task. Even when they have been identified, the next stage of negotiating and closing the transaction can be challenging and frustrating. The lack of transparency and dealing with the cultural differences are just so complicated. Equally, trying to sell a business to a Japanese buyer seems a time-consuming and tedious process, with lots of questions from the acquiror to deal with, even though the price offered is attractive.

Based on these experiences you may have moved your attention away from Japan.

However, there are many reasons why Japanese parties should not be ignored as potential counterparts in M&A situations. With the right support, your transactions with Japanese companies could produce satisfactory outcomes. You may be able to acquire solid, long term relationships that will settle you well into this successful mega economy. Or you may achieve a great outcome for your company and shareholders by completing a sale to a Japanese buyer.

What Japan offers you


If you are not yet engaging with Japan, we have a few reasons for you to rethink your strategy.

First of all, Japan is the third largest economy in the world. Not something you want to miss out on.

Secondly, Japanese companies are known for their high R&D investments, superb quality in products and services and outstanding customer service.

Thirdly, if you have built your relationships well and have invested in understanding the Japanese business culture, your Japanese leadership team and staff will show long term loyalty to you and the company and will work hard to achieve the corporate objectives.

And finally, with high level of perseverance and the utmost attention to detail, customer service in Japan is second to none. The client is King, or rather, Emperor!

Can you afford not to be engaged with such a large and sophisticated market?

How we can help


We at Crimson Phoenix have retained our focus on Japan-related M&A transactions for almost two decades. Our multilingual and multicultural team has the expertise and capabilities to support you in originating, executing and completing M&A deals with Japanese parties.

We understand the challenges, but we also see the huge opportunities that Japan can bring to your company.

Contact us to discuss your interest in Japan and how we can support you in moving forward with your corporate development goals there.

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Providing corporate finance advice on international M&A transactions and a range of strategic initiatives involving Japanese companies